PDR is the technique of removing a dent from the inside of the body panel without the use of spray-painting or body fillers. This process is highly desirable on new vehicles and in the repair of hail damage. It is used extensively by the motor-manufacturing industry to remove dents incurred during manufacture or pre-delivery. The process is carried out by our highly skilled ‘dent technician’ using special tools and equipment. PDR is most suited to the repair of hail-damaged vehicles where the panels have been dented but the paintwork is undamaged. It is cost-effective as no cost of sales is incurred and is the preferred repair method over conventional panel beating.

If the paint has been damaged, however, we can repair the dent and you will have to make arrangements to have it painted at a panel beater company. All repairs can be done at your convenience at the premises of your choice

The price of Paintless Dent Removal is dependent on dent size, location, type of car and the dent depth

Piantless Dent Removal is your low cost, same-day solution to keeping your vehicle looking new.