We also rubberise trucks, trailers and anything that can be rubberised. Have a look in our gallery to see the different products we have rubberised. We do all rubberising on site with specialist to ensure the outmost perfect finished product! Call us today to enquire.

The process to rubberise a vehicle is not as simple as it looks. The bin needs to be prepared as well as the rest of the vehicle needs to be covered and sealed off to ensure none of the rubber is sprayed onto the vehicle’s paint work. A polyurethane is sprayed onto the load bin which bonds directly onto the prepped surface to form a water and airtight permanent protection against all rust and corrosion.

The time frame to having your bakkie rubberised will always differ depending on the size of the loading bin as well as if any extras are being added such as rollbars, towbars and tonneau or armadillo covers. 

We use a 5mm rubberising.


Double and Single Cab Rubberising